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[pct-l] gates in the Sierra

I definitely saw cattle in the sierra all around gates.  If I 
remember correctly, this was between Echo Lakes Resort and Sonora 
Pass (or the northern kennedy meadows resort on Hwy 108).  
Specifically, I am certain that there are cows just north of hwy 

I must admit that when I saw these cows I was on the Tahoe-Yosemite 
Trail, not the PCT.  But it is definitely still in the Sierra Nevada 

As a matter of fact, the northern Kennedy Meadows Resort on Hwy 108 
raises their one cattle and serves steaks in their restaurant.  That 
resort is basically right on the PCT.

That being said, I am not an expert on this topic, all I know is that 
I saw cows on the trail near gates.  I am not talking like 1 mile 
away from a gate either.  I am talking like 100 yards.

Hope this clears up my earlier post.


> Whoa!!!!  Not any grazing rights in the Parks or wilderness along
> the PCT as far as I know and that includes most of what I would
> call the PCT Sierra ;  There are a few areas that do have grazing 
> (Monache Meadow), but none of these had fences as far as I know. 
> Depends where you are talking about and what you mean by the
> "Sierra" .  Grazing in the lower Sierras foothills does not
> usually start until  the end of June.
> There are "drift fences" in a few places put there by packers,
> often by those that are licensed for that area or by contractors
> that are doing trail maintenance.  They can be used by anybody
> with stock.  These limit the problems with wandering stock.
> You saw cattle and goats in the Sierras near a gate??????  WHERE
> ???
> Goforth

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