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[pct-l] gates in the Sierra

Hi Joanne,

On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Joanne Lennox wrote:

> Not any grazing rights in the Parks or wilderness along the PCT
> as far as I know and that includes most of what I would call the PCT Sierra

I didn't see any cattle. But the shuttle driver mentioned to me, that the
farmers in the Owen's valley send their cattle up the mountains
(specifically he mentioned Taboose pass and others). Don't know how
knowledgable he was, but this is what they do in the Alps too, so it seems
to make sense. (If it is legal.)

> There are "drift fences" in a few places put there by packers, often by
> those that are licensed for that area or by contractors that are doing
> trail maintenance.

Probably those. Going down from Bishop pass before joining the JMT there
is such a gate. I blieve we had to cross a few more on the way south on
the JMT, but I don't recall the exact location.