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[pct-l] Snow lessons and ax question

I live in Gresham and am also planning a '04 thru-hike. Freedom of the
hills is a good book for learning the basics of mountaineering,
including self arrest and snow tavel. But, like you said, nothing can
replace actual field experience.

I'd be willing to discuss this further with you offline and compare
notes about the PCT etc...

You can reach me at: go4ahike@verizon.net

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I was wondering if anyone on this list who lives in the Portland/Gresham
area in Oregon would be interested/willing to go with me to the snow
sometime this winter and give me some self arrest lessons and general
snow traveling tips? I have the Mountaineering, Freedom of the Hills
book but would be a lot more comfortable with actual human teaching.
There would be a Busters BBQ dinner in the deal. I am looking for a new
ice ax as my old one is too short. I want something with a steel head,
less than 100$, and under 1 lb. Any thoughts? Maybe another wannabe from
the class of '04 would want to go and we could teach each other how to
self arrest? Thanks.  

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