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[pct-l] What a Differnence a Year Makes

that's why I am on this list...  I am stuck over here in Hellston 
(houston) and there are no trails for 100's of miles, just miles and 
miles of endless cement and asphalt.  they even pave the "trail" at 
the park.

This list is the only thing that keeps me going during these long 
periods without hiking.  Its meeting like the database management 
meetings when I have to go back to my office and live vicariously for 
a moment be readying about someone else's experience.

fortunately, after 8 long years, we are leaving Hellston!  In August 
I move to Eugene, Oregon.  I can hardly wait.  I wonder if I will 
then need to join a list about traffic, pollution, and urban sprawl?? 


> Last year on this date we were hauling ourselves up and over
> Forester Pass on our thru-hike. Now I'm back to work, sitting in
> meetings and find my mind wandering at the oddest of times. At one
> recent meeting a person brought in a bottle of Aquafina and sat it
> on the table...every time I saw it I thought of the trail. It was
> the wide-mouth, 1 liter bottle we carried from border to border.
> It was hard to concentrate on the computer database management
> topic of the meeting...my mind was shifting from gigabytes -
> Mojave - timelines - Hat Creek Rim - funding constraints - Goat
> Rocks, and so on. I think the trail is calling...or is it my cell
> phone? Goose Burrito PCT '76 & '01
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