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[pct-l] packs: comfort vs weight

The question was exactly that.  Although I most certainly will not be going
ultralight.  Seeing that I have not hiked longer than a few days yet, I DO
want to be prepared.  My base wieght is going to be around 10 pounds then
when carrying full amounts of water and food (immediately after resupply), I
would add approximately 30 pounds.  This would give me a total max carrying
wieght of 40 pounds (give or take a few pounds).
There are many ways to shave the base wieght including shaving off certain
components of a pack such as a hip belt or buying a pack without a frame.
In my experience, the more that is shaved off a pack, the less comfortable
the pack is. 

Keep em coming, this is all really helpful  -thanks.


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The way Luke's original question was phrased, it sounded like he's already
planning on having a lightweight load (though perhaps not truly
ultralight).  The question is, given a lightweight load, how much weight
can you shave off the pack and still be comfortable?