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Re: [pct-l] Letters of encouragement

Love Walt and Pat's adopt a hiker idea. I am distributing my itinerary
with PO addresses to almost everyone I know. Morale support is of such
value on a journey like we are undertaking this year. Bring on those notes!!

Namaste, m

radney@ix.netcom.com wrote:
> Thanks Brick for letting us know about Joanne and Jim, you really
> understand how much a note can mean to us on the trail. I mailed them each a
> letter.  Receiving mail from family, friends and other hikers is very
> important on the trail, it can make the difference between a thru hike and a
> short hike!
> Walt and I remember how it was those first 150 miles -- blisters, heat,
> thirst, fatigue, bugs, sand,etc ... all are part of the "Journey." The PCT
> is hard work and a renewal of our inner spirit.  We are challenged and tried
> and we grow to love ourselves and our earth more deeply than we did before
> because perspective of who we are becomes clearer -- there aren't as many
> distractions.  The first 2 weeks are really hard, our bodies had to get use
> to the constant breaking down and regrowth of muscles as we were subjected
> to a variety of terrain and our brain had to learn the rythm of the trail.
> Walt and I learned that it was best to take one day, or one section, at a
> time -- hiking the PCT was our Journey -- Monument 78 was just a
> destination!
> For those of you who are not hiking this year, but want to help the '99
> class, get on the PCT Roster and pick a hiker to adopt and write to them
> along the trail, or even drop a post card to someone, anyone -- it really
> helps!  Attitude is so very important on the trail -- it can make or break
> you.  In '97 Cool Breeze made picked up Walt and my spirits so many times by
> leaving us little messages of encouragement along the way -- it can be just
> that simple to keep someone on the trail!
> Enough -- we leave in three weeks and 2 days!
> Happy Trails Couple
> **See you on the trail
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