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Re: [pct-l] Thru Hiker Encounters

reynolds@ilan.com wrote:
> I think that intrepretation of this post is instructive. Different people read
> VERY different things into a message. Since I can't KNOW what the sender means I
> may take offense when none was intended [or the other way around].

Really, Tom - you know Big Mac is the "troll name" for someone we both
know.  So - you also know that Big Mac's negative interpretation is
deliberate and an incitement to flames and discord.  EVERY Big Mac post
for the last year has been so - why should it change now?  

As for those on the trail now - letters and "goodies" (like brownies
maybe?) are probably the best anyone can do for them (unless you believe
in prayer).  Thruhiking is a head game - and those who make it all the
way are those who manage to keep the demons at bay.  

Walk softly,

77 days and counting
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