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RE: [pct-l] Esbit and Nomad info


I've thought the same thing myself (having a single-person version of a
Toucan doubler type setup).   But I realized that my Feathered Friends
"Hummingbird" achieves something similar to that by virtue of it's lack of
side-block baffles; this means that I can shift all the down to the top of
the bag, leaving nothing on the bottom but a nylon shell & liner to stop air
drafts.  I think that achieves what I want from a "blanket" setup for 1

David Long
Seattle, WA
PCT'99 hopeful

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I have a Flying Wide series FF bag (can't remember the name off-hand.  My
wife and I both use it, coupling it with the Toucan groundsheet.  I often
thought that a 1-person version of this kind of approach would be ideal for
a solo thru-hike (you know, a bag used as a blanket but just wide enough for
one person, relying on the Thermarest and spare clothing to keep the bottom
half warm).

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