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Re: [pct-l] Esbit and Nomad info


It sounds to me like you have made some interesting choices.  I'd be curious
to know what other lightweight items you have decided upon.

Personally, while I am attratcted to the light weight of the Momad tent and
the idea that it uses hiking poles in lieu of tent poles, I'm hesitant about
it as I don't like single-wall tents.  Did you consider the new Walrus
MicroSwift or other lightweight double-wall tents?

I have a Flying Wide series FF bag (can't remember the name off-hand.  My
wife and I both use it, coupling it with the Toucan groundsheet.  I often
thought that a 1-person version of this kind of approach would be ideal for
a solo thru-hike (you know, a bag used as a blanket but just wide enough for
one person, relying on the Thermarest and spare clothing to keep the bottom
half warm).

>FYI - Just received my Esbit stove in the mail and brought 3 cups of
>cold water to a roiling boil in 9 minutes at 7,100 feet using an MSR
>windscreen. Total weight of stove, windscreen and fuel tab: 5 1/4 oz. I
>had hoped it would work this well. It will be my stove on the trail.
>My Nomad Lite arrived today as well and is pitched in my back yard.

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