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Re: [pct-l] introductions

On Sun, 13 Sep 1998 sjkw3213@oberlin.edu wrote:

>         My name is Kristian.  I was on this list a while ago and am just now
> returning.  I am planning on hiking the PCT North to South this upcoming
> summer.  I am doing it North to SOuth primarily because I am a sophomore at
> Oberlin college and have to wait till school gets out in late May.

Welcome to the list. Southbound? Isn't that some kind of crime against
nature. I mean, if God and Shaeffer had wanted hikers to go southbound
then the sun would be in the north and the guide books would have been
written differently. Just kidding... There's nothing wrong with going
southbound. You're just likely to be a little lonely.

> I have
> done a fair amount of research and have most of the gear, but need some help
> on the food issue.  Could some veteran hikers send me a rough grocery list? 
> I know corn past is supposed to be amazing, but what else? 

Success with corn pasta seems very subjective. Some folks agree with
Jardine while others find it awful, pasty junk. Try it at home and
make up your own mind before filling all your supply boxes with it. 

The biggest problem most thru-hikers have is getting enough food. Plan
on huge portions. When you're thinking, "There's no way in hell I'll
eat this much food." you're getting close. So when in doubt, add more.

Couscous works pretty good although you're likely to get tired of it.
For me, Mac&Cheese worked great. Don't ask my why but I never got
tired of it. Near then end when I was sick of most of my meals,
Mac&Cheese would always work as a substitute. Also, it's available
everywhere on the trail. I found a jambalaya mix that was easy to
make. Unfortunately, I can't remember the brand name. It was right
next to the Couscous in Luckys. Seasoned mash potatoes work pretty
good to supplement other meals. 

Olive oil has 200 calories/ounce which is higher than any other food
I've found. I add some to just about all my dinners.

> I am also
> interested in the hot breakfast vs.. cold breakfast argument, etc. 

I went half and half with my breakfasts. Some mornings, I wanted warm
food where others I didn't have the cognative powers to operate my
stove. I especially liked granola cereal premixed with powdered milk.
Then all I had to do was add water on those semi-conscious mornings.
And I know they're junk food but pop tarts have lots of calories and
taste good.

Speaking of junk food, there's no such thing on the trail as junk
food. All calories are good. For my future hikes, I'm going to bring
a lot more snack foods along. Ritz bits, Combos, granola bars, Kudos,
Rice Krispy Treats...


Karl "Birdman" Brandt PCT97 LT98                       (650) 725-3686

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