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RE: [pct-l] bear manners

Re: Food calculations.
You food calculations are correct. However, I don't consume that kind of
food anymore. I focus on food that has a high caloric value relative to its
weight and volume. For example: Typical trail meals use precooked rice. 1
cup rice + 1 cup water = 2 cup rice. However regular Japanese rice 1 cup
rice + 2 cups water = 3 cups rice. [In this case the extra fuel probably
make up for the weight advantage but not the volume advantage but you get
my point]. Also, i use a BakePacker to bake things. 1/2 cup of cake mix
yeilds a very nice, very high caloric content HOT CHOCOLATE CAKE. This is

I believe that I have saved more that the weight of the bear canister by
paying careful attention to the weight/volume of food. I would talk about
it herebut Brick would accuse me of trying to legislatewhat he eats! Still
my analysisof howpeople try to save weightis that people spen too little
time focusingon food weight

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