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Re: [pct-l] bear manners

Outlook? Soul???? I'm not talking about spiritual stuff. I'm talking about
weight. Do you mean that I CAN carry 2 pounds because I only walk two weeks
but you CAN'T carry 2 pounds after two months on the trail? Get real!!

1. I didn't propose you carry an extra two pounds. I suggested that you
walk an extra two miles in the time it takes to hang food. You didn't
respond to this. Why?

2. I have never advocated legislating anything -- ever -- in these

Brick, what I see is anger at authority coloring your judgement.

I used bear canisters when the NPS/NFS were still telling campers to throw
rocks at bears to scare them away from hung food. I positively railed the
NPS/NFS for that advice. This is not about the NPS/NFS. It's about the best
way to keep food from bears

PS: Don't make it 3 pounds. It is 2 pounds 3 ounces including the
screwdriver. A carabiner and cord for hanging is somewhere around 6-7
ounces so the delta is less than 2 pounds.

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