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Re: [pct-l] bear manners

You are accusing me of what is not true. I am not advocating that anyone be
forced into anything. I am advocating DO NOT BELIEVE THAT COUNTERBALANCING
WORKS because, it usually doesn't.

Assuming double the food weight after the fat leaves you can still get 6-7
days of food in a canister. The first day's food need not be in the
canister. That gives you 7-8 nights [8-9 hiking days] between resupply. At
18 miles a day that is 162 miles between resupply {Kennedy Meadows [south]
to Mammoth}

Actually I prefer bear boxs to canisters for the average joe. Most people
will not take the time to properly pack a canister and won't make the hard
decision to leave the Pringles home. I ran across a group doing the JMT.
They had canisters but lost food anyway because all the food wouldn't fit

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