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[pct-l] Feeding the Bears

Hello All,

I don't wish to inflame this bear issue but I would like some
(shudder) opinion about some thoughts I am having.  I am going to be
thru hiking the PCT next year with my wife.  She as some may know,
just hiked from Soda Springs to Cascade Locks with The Weathercarrot. 
After the first try, they never hung there food - just cleaned up well
and kept everything in the tent with them.  My understanding is that
the bear repellent they planned to use was a couple rocks in the pot
to make a loud noise - fortunately this never got tested.  I DO NOT
want to even consider an extra 3# can if at all possible.  What I want
to know is how dangerous keeping the food on our person is while on
the 'lower' California portion of the PCT.  In advance, thank you for
your input...


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