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[pct-l] tahoe rim, TYT, & PCT

On Wed, 2 Sep 1998, Tom Hopkins wrote:

>Hi everyone- I am new to this listserv. As far as the bear problem goes
>in and around Yosemite...I found out the hard way that the bears hang
>around the bear boxes. I found out the "up close and personal" way a few
>weeks ago in Yosemite Valley. This is so obivious to me NOW!
>BTW...I just spent 5 days on the Tahoe Rim Trail on the Nevada side...Mt
>Rose to Luther Pass. Wow! was it ever beautiful!
>I am glad to have found you all. I am going to do the JMT next August
>and will be reading your experiences and ideas.
>Tom in Sacramento, Ca.
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Hi Tom, I too have spent time on the Tahoe Rim Trail(North&West
Shores), in addition to parts of the Tahoe Yosemite Trail, and Pacific
Crest Trail. I was reading some literature on the area when I came
across a section that said Tagged Yosemite Bears had been known to
Travel all the way up to Tahoe. In all my years of back country travel
in the area, the counter balance method has worked(with several
attempts made by the bears all ending up in no food). Hopefully this
will continue to be the case!!


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