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[pct-l] Home-made bear can failure

As many of you know, I have been working on a diy bear can for quite some
time now.  Yesterday was the first test of my can in a zoo (SF Zoo).   The
test animal was a Kodiak bear, which is quite a bit bigger than a black
bear.  The can was bated with peanut butter and honey.

The bear quickly and readily broke into the can by biting thru the
stainless.  Accordingly, PLEASE DO NOT RELY ON THE DIY BEAR CAN until
minimum stainless thickness info can be found.  This will probably take a
month or two, so figure on no diy till '99.  

Sorry for the disappointment.   I will keep working on this.   The bowls I
had used were VERY light, but that means they were very thin and easily
penetrated too.  The bear got into the cans about as easily as we would get
thru heavy aluminum foil.    More info will follow.

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