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Re: [pct-l] Re: Bear info for Tim

In a message dated 9/1/98 11:26:44 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
vazquezm@netwiz.net writes:

<< There were multiple stories from JMT/other hikers of losing food at Sunrise
High Sierra Camp and Sunrise creek lower down.  The bear poles were DOWN at
the high sierra camp (although the maintenance crew were working on them).  I
camped on top of Cloud's Rest and we saw bear tracks and scat that high up.
The only good place to store food in that area is Little Yosemite Valley (they
have bear boxes installed). >>

When I hiked the JMT in '96, there was also a bear cable located at the
junction of the JMT and the trail to Cloud's Rest. It was different from "a
counterbalance cable" as one could lower this cable to snap your food bags on
and then raise and secure the cable with caribiners. In our case, we had so
many bags on the cable, it took about 5 of us to raise all that weight, but it

Normally, it would not have been so crowded except some organization from L.A.
(Boy's Club, YMCA, ??) led so many hikers in that they needed 3 permits (max
15 hikers per permit) for their group. Unfortunately, they all camped at the
same spot along the trail. I thought they were going to burn the forest that
night with their 8-foot flames from their campfire. I have to blame all of
that on their "leaders."

Charlie Jones
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