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[pct-l] Re: Bear info for Tim

    Take a bear cannister if you can or be prepared to actively defend your
food.  Bear activity in that area is very high this year.  I was in that
area 2 weeks ago, ran into two very active bears at Sunrise High Sierra Camp
(which was closed at that time).  There were multiple stories from JMT/other
hikers of losing food at Sunrise High Sierra Camp and Sunrise creek lower
down.  The bear poles were DOWN at the high sierra camp (although the
maintenace crew were working on them).  I camped on top of Cloud's Rest and
we saw bear tracks and scat that high up.  The only good place to store food
in that area is Little Yosemite Valley (they have bear boxes installed).

   Good Luck on your trip

Mike V.
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>So what should one do?  I will be going into the area south of Toulonme
>along the JMT and cut west towards Half Dome.  What kind of bear problem
>should be expected.  Should a bear cannister be used or will
>counterbalancing work in this area?

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