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[pct-l] Bridge Creek to Highway #20 Conditions

Greetings everyone

I just received this information from one of the NPS Stehekin Trail-Crew:

The word I hear on the PCT Hwy 20 - Bridge Creek is that is looks very good.  The North Fork Bridge, the Fireweed Bridge, and the footlog that heads across to South Fork (not actually on the PCT, but on the spur towards Rainbow Creek Trail) are all in place.  I haven't heard about Maple Creek cable bridge (4.5 miles from the Stehekin Road).  We just replaced the cribbing last year and are hoping that it survived or crossing early in the season will be very difficult/impossible.  (After August or so, the creek is fordable without the bridge.)  All this info is from helicopter overflights, so it is not as reliable as on-the-ground reports, but as of right now it's looking good.  Two more notes: the Wagon Trail from Bridge Creek to High Bridge (also the PCT) is in fine condition.  We did walk that. And the major bridge across Agnes Creek on the PCT south from High Bridge is in place."

Happy hiking...

Dick - w7wkr