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[pct-l] Half way Break?

Hi Richard, I am also from the UK so hardly local, but my parents came to 
visit me during my 2000 hike. They flew to Sacramento and met me at Burney 
Falls - this was very straight-forward and an easy place to meet. Re 
holidays from there, I don't know - my parent's followed me for a few days 
in a mobile home and then hiked with me for a week through the marble 
mountains. They had a fantastic time and really loved the experience. The 
difficulty is obviously planning all this in advance. Your girlfriend could 
book now and then you might not make it to the right place due to weather or 
whatever. So the key thing is to be flexible. The advantage of northern 
california is that the trail hits roads fairly frequently, so it is easier 
to adapt your plans and rearrange the meeting point at the last minute. With 
my parents, we made several provisional meeting points, but didn't actually 
decide until my resupply point five days before we met. I had ended up 
walking faster than planned through that bit. ANyway, hopefully someone else 
will come back to you with proper holiday suggestions.

Singing Wolf

>From: "Richard Hare" <richard@hare22.demon.co.uk>
>To: "PCT - list" <pct-l@mailman.backcountry.net>
>Subject: [pct-l] Half way Break?
>Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 18:32:33 -0000
>Hello All,
>My girlfriend wants to come out from England and meet me half way through 
>PCT trip so I'm looking for suggestions for a place for us to stay for a
>week. I was thinking along the lines of a nice mountain lodge reasonably
>priced  somewhere around Northern California not too far off the trail, but
>reasonably near a main airport and easily reached by bus.  Any suggestions
>from someone with local knowledge would be most welcome.
>Richard Hare
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