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[pct-l] Buying shoes on the trail

To add to Tangent's list of towns likely to have shoes:

-Truckee (on I-80, north of South Lake Tahoe. Good to have transportation
for getting around Truckee though.)

-Ashland (if you're going to need new shoes in Oregon, and don't want to go
too far off the trail, get them in Ashland.)


In 2002, Restless Wind melted the back of his 'real' hiking shoes somewhere
in southern Oregon.  Telling the story at Olalie Lake, he was overheard by a
visitor who gave him a pair of Merrill moccasin-like shoes.  Those got him
to Cascade Locks (Stephenson, WA, actually).  There he went into a thrift
store and came out with a pair of used Puma sneakers (not running shoes, not
trail runners) with a flashy shiny blue stripe down the side.  He finished
in those $3 shoes, as far as I know. I'm not sure I could do it, but it
worked for him.

John B.