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[pct-l] RE: 1977 Thruhike disqualified. Go back and do it again.

> score. You must complete the trail in 2003 to be considered a 
> thruhiker.

Sounds good to me. Does this mean I get into ADZPCTKO for free? By the way,
is that "all you can eat"?

> However, if you turn states evidence on Strider your sentence may be
> lessened

Not a problem. I've been looking for a reason to turn that guy in ever since
he and Hacker pulled that stunt where they hiked 43 miles one day just to
show up the Minnesota Milers.

> You were carrying the load too LOW. On a non-yoke shoulder system the
> shoulder straps should go up from the shoulders at a 45 
> degree angle to the
> frame. Generally, this means the location where the straps 
> join the frame
> should be 2-3 inches above the top of the shoulder.

I'll have to dig out my old Kelty file. The shoulder-strap attachment points
are pretty low on the pack...so even with the straps level the pack rides
high. I'm pretty sure that was part of Kelty's pack-fitting instructions.