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[pct-l] High Sierra how busy?


Apparently there's something wrong with Yosemite's online backcountry =
reservations system and I cannot get through via phone to anyone there.=20

Anybody have a sense of how likely it is that I could show up at =
Tuolumne Meadows in early August and get a permit to thru-hike the JMT? =
I could start on any one of 8 or 9 days. Is that flexible enough to =
ensure I get to hike, or is it totally crazy and busy?=20

I thru-hiked the PCT in '99 and would love to pass back through the High =
Sierra, lingering. But I'm not getting anywhere with the paperwork =
necessary to set up the trip in advance.=20

Boring topic -- sorry. Any info. appreciated.


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