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[pct-l] 1977 Thruhike disqualified. Go back and do it again.

Carl, all style points from your 1977 hike have been deducted from your
score. You must complete the trail in 2003 to be considered a thruhiker.
And, if you don't make it this time, you will be required to use a Jansport.
However, if you turn states evidence on Strider your sentence may be

You were carrying the load too LOW. On a non-yoke shoulder system the
shoulder straps should go up from the shoulders at a 45 degree angle to the
frame. Generally, this means the location where the straps join the frame
should be 2-3 inches above the top of the shoulder.

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> My Kelty Tioga has a top U shaped bar that attaches to the vertical stays
> acts a bit like a top handle on the pack but also allows me to attach tent
> any other equipment to the very top of the pack.  This bar bugged me

Right: that ain't a handle. Tom nailed it; it's for lashing heavy items
(e.g., our 12-pound REI Grand Hotel 4-man tent) high and forward.

> You are right.  The Kelty Tioga rides very high on the shoulders.  I found

With Kelty external frame packs, your shoulders should be even with the
shoulder-strap attachments on the frame. IOW, the shoulder straps should
come up over your shoulder and then go level to the pack. Too many people
have the pack fitted so that the straps drop down behind your
shoulders...and that ends up with the weight distributed improperly.
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