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[pct-l] Pack comfort and weight

After trying several packs over the years, internal and external frames, I
found one that is so comfortable its 7.5 lb weight wasn’t an issue.  Now we
have reduced our pack contents to near ultralight weight.  I am not ready to
give up the wonderful suspension of my K2 shortbed so I remade the pack bag
in very lightweight fabrics.  It now weighs 5 lbs, which is still relatively
heavy.  But my mostly homemade clothing and equipment is very light. This
gives me a baseweight that is still quite low.  However, when we need to
carry heavy loads of food and water it is still comfortable.  It has some
bendy strips of metal or something that can be tensioned to put all the
weight on the hips.  Lets one walk upright and in comfort.  Making a pack
bag is not difficult sewing.

Beth Murdock
Portland, OR

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