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[pct-l] Pack weight and wise choices!

First , good choice turning around at 14,000ft. Mountain Dave!!! Better to 
live to climb another day. ( The summit is only an excuse to be on the 
mountain anyway!!) Pack weights.?? The Kelty Tioga just keeps getting better 
the more weight you add! Even though you are a bit like " Humpty Dumpty" with 
your high load, it flat works! Ever see pics of the AT hut boys ( and Gals) 
in the white Mts. with their 100lb. plus loads? Their packs look like ladders 
from Home Depot with shoulder straps! ( Same priniple, load them high ) Dicky 
Kelty put me in a head lock because I had a Jansport in Weldon in 77 and told 
others to destroy my pack in my sleep! ( TIC)   News of the day" Yatsir Arfat 
is really Ringo Star is disguise". Former Beetle became PLO spokesman shortly 
after the " White" album. Mad Monte

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