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[pct-l] Pack comfort and weight

I can relate to the K2 suspension. I have the Dana Designs T2 which utilizes 
that same K2 suspension. Those bendy strips are carbon fiber struts. i have 
thought about making a new bag for the frame. What did your finak weight 
come to ??

>From: "Beth Murdock" <dorothea@onemain.com>
>After trying several packs over the years, internal and external frames, I
>found one that is so comfortable its 7.5 lb weight wasn’t an issue.  Now we
>have reduced our pack contents to near ultralight weight.  I am not ready 
>give up the wonderful suspension of my K2 shortbed so I remade the pack bag
>in very lightweight fabrics.  It now weighs 5 lbs, which is still 
>heavy.  But my mostly homemade clothing and equipment is very light. This
>gives me a baseweight that is still quite low.  However, when we need to
>carry heavy loads of food and water it is still comfortable.  It has some
>bendy strips of metal or something that can be tensioned to put all the
>weight on the hips.  Lets one walk upright and in comfort.  Making a pack
>bag is not difficult sewing.
>Beth Murdock
>Portland, OR
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