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[pct-l] PCT '03 & Lonely Trail in OR, WA

On Wed, 19 Jun 2002 00:38:41 EDT, you wrote:

Just out of curiousity...

>You must never let your mind get heavier them your backpack. I will sometime 
>practice Yoga just to clear my mind of all thoughts.

You said this....

>I constantly take personal inventories how to be a better person. One thing 
>you must remember you can be your worst enemy with negative thoughts. Never 
>fall into that trap.

Then you said this...

 How can you clear your mind of thought, yet constantly take personal
inventories, yet not dwell on the negatives? You have to think to do
all that and I imagine if you are trying to improve yourself you are
looking at the negatives which in itself is thinking a negative
thought. Why not accept the negative with the positive and learn from
both? People think negative thoughts for a reason- survival instinct.

>I will allow my self three mistakes. If I go over that I will jump of trail 
>or rest for a day or half a day.

You can loose a lot of time doing that if you have a bad day. Why not
just work through the mistakes and keep going? Why are you making
mistakes to begin with? Life doesn't give you much of a chance to take
timeouts even if you go at your own pace. You have to think on your
feet in the crunch.