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[pct-l] Piggin' out

In the 80's you could simply walk into a Chinese resterant with a pack
and order and they would continue to bring you the entree as soon as
the plate was empty until you told them you were full. The waitresses
most common statement was I bet we can fill you up. They didn't even
advertise all you can eat or charge extra for the extra food. Who
knows if they still do that. American resterants even all you can eat
places were rarely so friendly. With most American resteruants what
you ordered is what you got- no more no less. Although a lot of the
cooks would flip down a much larger steak than what was ordered.
Probably backpackers themselves. Bars were usually very friendly
places with alot of people that would buy you beer, even bartenders
would flip out a few beers or shots of whiskey every now and then. I
had a really interesting conversations with people on the comeback of
cougars into california. They thought they should be hunted I thought
they should be restalked throughout the US before they were hunted. Of
course it helps to not be a hog, clean and alone. I never saw troughs
set up for groups:). But then who wants to goto towns or resorts
except to resupply? The trail is the most interesting part. Wish
hunting was allowed the length of the trail. With that and fishing a
person wouldn't have to hit towns at all!


On Sun, 23 Jun 2002 08:18:38 -0700, you wrote:

>In 1977, we hiked about 21 miles (one of our longer days) to get to
>Callahans Restaurant, which was reputed to be the best restaurant along the

>serve a table of four) and they cut us off! We were bummed. Some people at
>the next table gave us their leftover spaghetti. After dinner, at the bar,

>I think "all you can eat" has an implicit exception clause for thruhikers.