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[pct-l] All you can eat and such

 In the 70's, the parkservice tried their best to shoo-out all the locals 
from Stehekin  off their land and claim the whole upper chelan area. If this 
had happened , you would have a bunch of Asian Owned Concession businesses 
ran by people who didn't know anything about the area. ( Much like all the 
other National Park Concessions) We are lucky to have a family like the 
Courtneys and their family runs businesses( which one brother Tom runs the 
barge from Chelan to Stehekin, and another who runs the Bakery, and Cragg who 
runs the Valley Resort) These are a dying breed of Americans who are just 
trying to " Eck" out a living up there and not getting rich in the process. 
They DO NOT advertise all you can eat  and allow people to eat there fill .  
But sometimes we thru -hikers forget that these folks also have to  pay the 
bills as well. This does cut into the pocketbooks of those trying to make a 
living. Cragg Courtney is too much of a " Class Guy" to ever complaint to any 
hiker eating him out of house and home. If fact , he is very up to date on 
the PCT events( He even wanted to know if " Flyin Brian " made it and asked 
about Scott Williamson's trips) As stewards of PCT good will, we need to not 
over step our bounds with trail towns or trail angels when they . (Just as a 
group last year may have caused hardship for this years crowd in Cascade 
Locks because of bad manners) 

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