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[pct-l] I'm Back

> Ate breakfast at the Courtney Bros. Ranch and talked a bit with Crag. He says the
> PCT thru-hikers are not looking as " Ragged" the last few years thanks to the
> new Ultra-light craze. He did say he does take a beating on his "All you can
> eat" dinners as some thru-hikers really do take unfair advantage of his
> hospitality and eat enough fruit for 10 normal guests.
Hmmm, sounds like an unfair complaint to me.  If he says "all you can eat" then
the hikers are legitimately
eating all they can eat even if it is ten times as much of something as "normal
guests".  If he wants to limit comsumption
of fruit then he needs to add that to his advertising.

Reminds me of a suit I read about years back in the Bay Area, a man went to an
"all you can eat seafood buffet" at a restaurant and
the management refused to serve him all the seafood he could eat. The man sued
and won. "All you can eat" means that, not just the amount
that the restaurant thinks you should eat.


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