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[pct-l] I'm Back

 Had a fun trip at Chelan. Dick is correct that the Lake Shore trail is 
closed due to big fire they had in 2001 which burn 12 of the 17 mile trail. ( 
I still hiked the trail from 15 miles out as I was dropped off by private 
boat and saw the trail closed signs at Moore Point 7 miles from Stehekin. 
Trail is burned but new log bridge is in at Moore Point and trail is O.K. 
Also hiked up the Purple Pass Trail at Stehekin and saw a huge mule deer buck 
in velvet and a small cinnamon colored black bear along the way . Ate 
breakfast at the Courtney Bros. Ranch and talked a bit with Crag. He says the 
PCT thru-hikers are not looking as " Ragged" the last few years thanks to the 
new Ultra-light craze. He did say he does take a beating on his "All you can 
eat" dinners as some thru-hikers really do take unfair advantage of his 
hospitality and eat enough fruit for 10 normal guests. advice to 2003 hikers 
is to not send a resupply box to Stehekin, but just take the Lady of the Lake 
to Chelan and go to Safeway, then eat at the Campbell House, camp in the City 
Park and boat back in the morning. For the price of mailing your box, you 
could have the boat ticket. Monte

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