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[pct-l] Picking a Pack

I took a Campmoor Catalog and listed in an ExCel file the following 
information on each pack:

Backpack Model           Cubic Inches          Ounces          Cost $
                                                         Less is better  Less 
is better
Jansport Alaska 115        7800               89                       120

Then I made a simple program wherein I divided the weight in ounces by the 
size in cubic inches and multiplied by the cost to come up with a "Cost per 
Weight per Size Factor".    The smaller the factor the bigger, the lighter 
and the lower cost any individual pack is.  This gives me an easy way to 
compare similar packs of equal quality but different sizes, weight or cost.  
I'm expanding my database everytime that I get a new catalog or go to a 
backpacking store or come across a new website.  Once it is set up, it is 
easy to expand and compare.  

However, a large, light weight, cheap pack is only as good as it fits your 
criteria.  Your criteria will likely be very different than mine and thus 
PYOP (pick your own pack).

Best regards,