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[pct-l] What a Differnence a Year Makes

Dear Jerry (Goose Burrito?),

When your mind is: "shifting from . . . - Mojave -  . . . - Hat Creek Rim - 
. . . - Goat Rocks" is it from both '76 and '01 or just '01?  I think that my 
fear is that hiking the PCT again will mix up, erode or erase those memories 
that I cherish so fervantly from last time.  Not that this would prevent me 
from going again.  I don't believe that many things can prevent me from doing 
it again.

Any other two-timers out there have this problem?  PA Jeff has mentioned to 
me that both sets of memories get all mixed up at times.

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel