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[pct-l] What a Differnence a Year Makes

Last year on this date we were hauling ourselves up and over Forester Pass on 
our thru-hike. Now I'm back to work, sitting in meetings and find my mind 
wandering at the oddest of times. At one recent meeting a person brought in a 
bottle of Aquafina and sat it on the table...every time I saw it I thought of 
the trail. It was the wide-mouth, 1 liter bottle we carried from border to 
border. It was hard to concentrate on the computer database management topic 
of the meeting...my mind was shifting from gigabytes - Mojave - timelines - 
Hat Creek Rim - funding constraints - Goat Rocks, and so on. I think the 
trail is calling...or is it my cell phone?
Goose Burrito
PCT '76 & '01

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