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[pct-l] packs: comfort vs weight

The pack issue is one where I have seen basically zero agreement aboung
thruhikers. Some prefer a frameless lightweight like Glen VanPeski's GV
series whil others swear by their 7 pound Dana packs. Your question could be
better answered once you advise everybody what your base weight is [weight
before food and water]. 

The ultralight frameless packs seem to top out at about 30 pounds of total
load although some people seem to do Ok with 40. Still, unless your base
weight winds up in the 10 pound category, you probably won't want to use a
lightweight frameless pack.

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Fellow hikers,
I am curious to hear your opinions on backpacks.  I am planning a thru-hike
in 03 and will attempt to go as light as possible due to a late launch date
but on most gear will not go as light as jardine does :).  
Recently I have been told that your pack is the only thing you DON'T want to
sacrifice comfort for decreased wieght.  Is this true?  What types of packs
have most thru-hikers used (volume capacity, wieght,
internal/external/nonframed, etc.)?  On a hike such as the pct what are the
key qualities I should or should not be looking for in a pack?
thanks for the help.

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