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[pct-l] packs: comfort vs weight

>It would be interesting to hear the items various thru hikers sent home after a few hundred miles.  I sent home my knife, thermal cup, water filter, spare clothing, spare batteries, poncho, umbrella, radio, the lid of my pack and probably a few other little things.  I also cut every single thing off the pack that could be cut off.  I didn't do this in one fell swoop, I was still shedding weight in Oregon, I'm a slow learner.  I started at over 20 lb base weight including pack and finished with less than 15 lb base weight including pack.  Now my summer base weight, including pack, is 11 lbs. and I don't miss any of the stuff I carried for the previous thirty years.  I especially don't miss that 6+ lb pack.  Like I said I'm a slow learner.

I sent my boots home. I replaced them with a lighter more breathable
pair that didn't make my feet blister. And a little extra clothing I
didn't need. I kept my knife to cut up potatoesand fish:). I kept
adding things like a fishing rod and books. My base weight was heavier
at the end. After about a week or two a person gets used to carrying
whatever  weight they have and a few extra or less pounds really don't
matter. You only get stronger.