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[pct-l] Pack pickin'

I prefer an external frame for the ventilation. Mine (titanium frame) is =
actually lighter than most internal frames and my back isn't soaked with =
sweat when I take it off. Maybe a little bulkier. Good luck finding =
another Ajay Appalachian 45A. (Huh? a what? Never heard of it). 4500 =
cubes, with six external pockets, fairly standard layout, with a =
removable bottom section and zippered top/bottom divider. But - center =
section access is a pain when its loaded. Think about how and where =
you'll put stuff in it in relation to how and when you'll want to get it =
back out again. You want one big enough to hold your gear without =
cramming, but snug enough that stuff isn't slopping around inside.
I'd say, find one that really fits your torso well, has room for all =
your gear, as well as the stuff you might bring for a specific reason, =
and then take it on some hikes to fine-tune the fit.=20
I swear by a hip belt, although some don't. =20
water repellancy is pretty necessary too.
It's like buying shoes, go for style or a name and you'll pay too much =
or end up with a closet full of shoes you don't wear.
Pick the one that fits the best and has the best compromises for you.


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