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[pct-l] PCT '03

Heya Lynn,
I'm doing the pct in 2003 too and already have my calendar marked for the
ADZPCTKO for 4/24-27.  I know what you mean about getting the time.  I
talked to our Human Resources Dept about getting a leave of absence from
work but they said no, they only give out FMLA medical leaves (with a
doctors note is the only way to take any length of time off) so I told them
I will have to quit then.  That will probably be the scariest part of the
trip for me is leaving my job after 6 years. I'll be going solo as well but
it will be great to meet the other PCT Class of 2003 as time progresses and
we get closer to kick off.  As far as planning, I'm not quite sure what I
should be doing at this moment but I have been reading everyone's journals
plus several PCT books, worked out my itinerary using Craig's PCT
planner(thanks Craig)and working on my fitness.  I have the Or/WA guidebook
and I have the CA on backorder (coming at the beginning of July).  I've
activated my website for my pct trip but nothings there yet
http://members.cox.net/arizonabrian/ . T Minus 10 months and
counting....Take care and happy hiking.

>Hi, I am planning a 2003 thru-hike.  I am trying to figure out if I can
>time off between graduation and graduate school, apparently the Univ may
>withdrawl any scholarship money if I take time off.  But, if all goes well
>should be on the trail next year.  I'd be interested in knowing anyone else
>who is planning a trip.  Maybe folks on the east coast (where I am)?  I
>intend to go solo, but a few shake-down trips w/ other thru-hikers could be
>great fun.