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[pct-l] bearikade functionality

I too bought the large bearikade
specifically to be ready for the 100 miles
between Vermillion and Mt. Whitney.
I have found it to work nicely along with
the golite gust L which boasts the largest=20
capacity of all the ultra-light packs folks
have been discussing.  I use my heavy nighttime
fleece as a lumbar protector / pad and 1 foam +=20
1 ridgerest pad support for the pack.  The rest=20
of my gear fits very nicely in the remaining space,
and as stated before, is as comfortable as my
previous internal frame pack weighing in at 5 lbs. !

Once again, I've got a shuttle reserved from
Whitney Portal to Yosemite Park on June 30 - $190.00.
My hiking schedule has me arriving at Whitney Portal on
July 15th.  Anybody want to share this van ride ?

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