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[pct-l] More Hikers for 2003

Hi All,

Really enjoying all the information passing back and forth. My sister and my
boyfriend and I are planning to through hike in 2003. We aren't the most
experienced of hikers, lots of weekend jaunts under our belts but nothing
long term yet, but we've been talking about this for a while and are
determined to go for next season.
I was hoping for some insight on good physical fitness preparation... I am
sure that after a few sore and slow days at the beginning things pick-up,
and by the end we are in better shape than ever... but if anyone has tips
for what preparation we can do, it would be much appreciated.
Also, we love to read the gear recommendations, we're starting to save up
and research... so keep them coming!!
We are also trying to decide on whether to bring our dog, so we'd love to
hear peoples thoughts.

Thanks and Happy Hikings!