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[pct-l] Polar Pure Crystals

> Does anyone know where I can buy Polar Pure Crystals in the Los Angeles
> area? I have looked at Big 5, SportMart and REI and they don't have it. I
> know that Campmor does have it but didn't want to order it.
> Thanks,
> Vic

Hello Vic -

Look up "Boy Scouts of America" in your phone book and contact their Scout
Shop.  Polar Pure is used at our Philmont Scout Ranch and a few hundred
thousand Scouts and leaders have learned to use it there.  Many of our Scout
Shops around the country carry it for the Scout units or might know where to
get it locally.

I have met folks who go down to their local Pharmacy and get more iodine
crystals to put into their Polar Pure bottle when the original load finally
melts away.  The cute little thermometer gizzy will probably be worn off by
then, but I don't ever use it anyway (three caps for everything - full speed

Some thru-hikers that I have met on the trail just get drug store iodine
crystals and put them in any kind of waterproof bottle to make the iodine
solution .  I don't like to do that, myself, because I like the nice little
collar that the PP bottle comes with (allows us to pour out the iodine
solution without having to worry about decanting any of the crystals).

I would loan you my bottle, but it has done the PCT and about 800 miles of
the CDT...might not last for much more than another year or two <g>.

Good luck!

- Charlie