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[pct-l] Tehachapi to Walker Pass

Just completed section F. Want to report great trail maintenance and 
wonderful Trail Angles.
Thanks for water at Kelso Road and Bird Spring Road. You are really life 
savers. You saved day for many. I have to open my wallet to you.

Here are a group of 2002 PC Hikers who wanted to say hello and all is well. 
There are more but can't remember, if have questions email me. Everybody has 
high spirits and in the groove. We can be proud of the class of 2002.

Ranger from Florida did the AT and averages 26 miles a day. Gandalf with the 
long white beard from Whittier CA. Polly & Ester sisters from Min. Id & 
Melon. Mr. Green from Min. Hamburger & Helper. Montana Max from Pgh Pa my 
home town. Funny Bone from everywhere, Cape Town Jenny, Bed Bug from London. 
Can't forget Walking Larry ran across him on his birthday on San Jacinto

I am a sectional hiker. I do a week or ten days every month. Ever want to 
join me let me know.