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[pct-l] Climate Change Indicators

At 01:43 PM 6/7/02, christin pruett wrote:
> This was the last major glaciation on the Earth.  At the end of it, many large mammal species went extinct - Woolly Mammoth, Sabertooth Tiger, American Lion, Mastodons, Giant Sloths, Steppe bison, etc...

A couple of things.
1) I am reading the book "Guns, Germs, and Steel" http://www.wwnorton.com/catalog/spring99/gunsgerms.htm
that makes a good argument that most of the extinctions listed above followed shortly after the migration of humans into the norther latitudes of Asia, and into North America. The theory being that humans hunted them to extinction, just like the Moas of New Zealand. Maybe it wasn't a direct result of the climate change.

2) This thread is getting pretty far off the PCT, so let's abandon it if we can't tie it back to the trail


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