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[pct-l] Rainier scores again!

 Two more deaths on Rainier yesterday and three others fall into a cravasse 
and had to be aired off Mt.    Same story, Climbers in fall were from back 
east and have locked in schedule with no leeway for bad weather. They climb 
no matter what the weather/ snow conditions are suppose to be. ( Snow today 
for Cascades , no a good climbing day::: Special note) The climbers who died 
were 25y/0 and 21y/o. Neither had climbed the Mt. before and May is not a 
forgiving month!!!!! One from Oregon and the other from East Coast. Most 
climbers on Rainier are local and know the fickle weather. Climbers from East 
Coast become " Canyon Fodder" for the big Mountain because they stick to 
plane schedules and vacation plans or just don't understand Rainiers weather 
and snow conditions in late spring. Rule of thumb, don't climb before July 
4th( Or the Mountain may turn against you. Monte

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