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[pct-l] PCT '03 & Lonely Trail in OR, WA

This is the Nocona of Nocona and Bald Eagle, but we
weren't sponsored by Gorp (or anyone but our measley
savings!).  I kept an online journal on
www.pcthiker.com, which was just a friendly service
and very nice web site provided by Troubadour.

I don't know why I'm worried about loneliness, because
I managed fine for a 45-day stretch on the AT where I
didn't see many others.  I guess the size of the
wilderness in Washington has me intrigued and worried.
 At heart, I guess I know what you say is true, that
I'll be too busy to feel any loneliness.  

By the way, Bald Eagle and I are now testing products
for GoLite gear.  No sponsorship, but they do let you
take the gear out and beat it up on the trail before
you have to return it with your opinions.  So far so
good with the Cave tent, although condensation is bad
in this humid climate (Houston).  Also, we haven't
been out on many trails lately and our next trip is 2
weeks on the Colorado Trail in August.


--- CMountainDave@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 6/5/02 4:04:57 PM,
> kborski@yahoo.com writes:
> << Any input
> into the issue of loneliness for the PCT thru-hiker
> in
> Oregon and Washington would be appreciated.  >>
> Is this the Nocona of Nocona and Bald Eagle who were
> "sponsored" by Gorp in 
> 2000 in exchange for an on line journal?
>   I dealt with the loneliness by keeping busy,
> either by hiking, planning or 
> doing camp chores. I cannot really remember any
> loneliness on my thru hike. 
> Staying in camp alone for more than one night
> produces loneliness for me. But 
> if I keep moving, planning, doing, there's not much
> room for loneliness.
>    Knowing others are cheering you on helps a lot,
> too
>      I like to keep a balance between hiking alone
> and hiking with others. 
> That way I'm comfortable in either situation

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