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[pct-l] PCT '03 & Lonely Trail in OR, WA

Regarding loneliness:

Think about attending the 5th ADZPCTKO and you will likely meet several 
compatible partners (see http://pct77.org/adz ).

One of the benefits (granted, there are many drawbacks) of loneliness is that 
it can free your mind from the potential distraction of conversation.  You 
may find that this enables you to focus on your life's priorities and on 
philosophical subjects: the meaning of life, life after death, UFOs, etc. 
with more intensity and greater detail, for longer periods, than at any other 
time in your life.

I have also found that when I am alone in a stressful or challenging 
situation, it forces me to examine the situation from several points of view 
rather than just my own.  This is always a good thing, IMHO.

Greg "Strider" Hummel

"Salvitur Ambulando"
(walking solves all things)
            St. Augustine

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