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[pct-l] RE: PCT '03 & Lonely Trail in OR, WA

It's good to hear from some others planning in 2003 -
thanks for all the replies.  I got quite a few replies
about hiking partners -- I do have a hiking partner,
but if he cannot go, I will still follow my dream and
head out solo.  I love hiking solo.  Hiking with a
partner is not worse or better, just different, but I
definately have heightened senses when alone.  The
trail experience is richer, but extended loneliness
can be taxing.

I started a PCT thru-hike in '00 and was forced off
the trail due to health reasons, and I've thru-ed the
AT.  I've also been to hiker gatherings of all sorts,
including ADZ at Lake Morena in '00.  

I guess my question was not worded clearly.  I've
hiked the PCT up through the Sierras, and I was very
pleased with the dispersal of other hikers.  If you
wanted company, it was there to be enjoyed, but if you
wanted to be alone for most of the time, that was not
difficult to accomplish.

My question is for those who have thru-hiked
northbound solo: did the dispersal of hikers change
much, or did it pretty much stay the same all the way
up to Washington?  When I hiked the AT, I had lots of
others all around until I hit New Jersey.  From there
on out, it was pretty lonely out there, believe it or
not.  I loved it, but then there were plenty of
distractions - towns and southbounders and the typical
AT "stuff."  But I wonder what it will be like in the
vastness of the northern PCT after the thru-hikers
thin out?  I'm looking for quantitative answers, more
than philosphy, though both types of answers are cool.


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