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[pct-l] Climate Change Indicators

> In a message dated 6/6/02 2:40:56 AM, Hiker97@aol.com writes:
> << I hear that the ice fields that Sir Edmond Hilary crossed out
> of his Mt. Everest base camp in 1953 are now a two hour walk from
> his original base camp.  Seems the ice has retreated that far
> since 1953.  I guess global warming is really real.  I wonder what
> the snow levels and other indicators would be like in the Sierras
> today compared to the early 1950s or John Muir's days in the Range
> of Light.  Happy trails, Switchback

Here's one from ancient history. Feel free to correct the facts, I'm =
depending totally on memory here, but here's the gist of it (didn't keep =
the clipping)=20

About three years ago, divers poking around Fallen Leaf Lake found a =
complete 100-foot sugar pine rooted in the bottom of the lake. The tree =
itself was several centuries old, and its root line was about 200 feet =
down. If I'm not mistaken there was also evidence of an old shoreline =
just below it. Carbon dating indicated it was inundated abruptly about =
1,500 years ago. No indications of a landslide sealing the lake outlet, =
reason unknown why the lake level jumped 200 feet other than a change of =
climate. Apparently there was a period of prolonged drought (long enough =
for the tree to grow there) prior to the change. Anybody know if that =
coincides with the end of the last Ice Age, melting of continental =
glaciers etc.?=20


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