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[pct-l] inner speed demon


Great to hear from you again after a fantastic summer on the PCT and
yes, my (our) homemade cup from ADZPCTKO is holding up and ready for
another 3,000 miles!

I liked your outlook on the "inner speed demon" and I believe that
anyone who hikes must confront it at some point. When I thru-hiked the
AT I knew that I was a driven person because I found that I was the
happiest when I was moving. Since I already knew my hiking style, I
didn't even try to fight the inner speed demon on this summer's PCT hike
and just kept moving and smiling all the way. I guess that for me I'm
just a very goal oriented person and I'm happiest when I'm making
progress. Of course, everyone is different and has different goals which
I highly respect.

I do recall one kindly gentleman that I met in the North Cascades this
summer who questioned my speed hiking. He was doing 8 to 10 mile days
while I was averaging 30 mile days in that section and he asked, "but
don't you miss a lot by hiking so fast?" I told him that for me to go
any slower would cause me to miss everything because I'm happiest when
I'm constantly moving. For gosh sakes, I ate lunch while hiking nearly
everyday. Personally, I would never feel comfortable questioning
anybody's chosen hiking speed because quite obviously they are going at
the pace which is best for them, but not me.

With that said, I totally agree with you in that hiking speed is a
personal thing and I completely respect that difference between hikers
and would never judge another based on that. Yes, I like to "smell the
roses" as I pass by in a small cloud of dust, but if someone would
rather plant some roses and watch them grow for a while, then they have
my fullest support :)



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